Meet Our Leaders

Syed Asad Hussain

(Founder & Chief Executive Officer)

Syed Asad Hussain, the forward-thinking Chief Executive Officer leading innovation at Agency 365 (Private) Limited. With a solid foundation in IT, Digitalization, and Computer Science, Asad brings over three years of immersive experience in Digital Graphics and visual representation.

His adeptness has fueled successful collaborations with numerous international clients, bolstering their digital footprint. Moreover, Asad’s affiliation with the Pakistan Freelancers Association (PAFLA) underscores his dedication to continual growth and industry prominence.

Hamza Anis

(Co-Founder & Marketing Director)

Hamza Anis, the esteemed Director of Marketing at Agency 365 (Private) Limited. With a degree in Marketing from the USA and over five years of multinational sales and marketing experience, Hamza is a strategic visionary.

His expertise in strategic planning, market analysis, and brand management drives revenue growth and enhances brand visibility. Hamza’s innovative campaigns and collaborative leadership style make him an invaluable asset in guiding our marketing initiatives.

Mohammad Asadullah Soomro

(Executive Director)

Mohammad Asadullah Soomro is the Executive Director and an Advisor at AGENCY 365 (PRIVATE) LIMITED, and the Chief Executive Officer at HRAAFA (SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED. To serve as a passionate corporate strategy builder with experience in finance and technology, his goal is to reshape the financial landscape through cutting-edge strategies and strong industry connections. He is very well known and respected in all key IT business circles.

Mr. Soomro has been advising most of the companies and continues to serve the most distinguished clients. Other engagements include:

• Association with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).
• Association with Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA).
• Association with National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
• Association with National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBF).

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